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Silver-Rose Duo presents in person performances as well as online programing.  Concert options include:

A) In-person live performance at your venue

B) Pre-recorded streaming concert including spoken introductions for each piece

C) Mix of  pre-recorded music with live audience interactions and introductions

D) Live virtual event performed at a remote location or at your venue

Snow Dreams

(Available for Booking January-March)

Chase the winter blues away with this delightfully warm program of music inspired by the winter season, and all the beauty, stillness and storms that come this time of year. 

Baroque, Brazil, and Beyond  

(Available for Booking March-July)

There's a little something for everyone in this  program. Baroque heavyweights interspersed with all the expressive melodies and exciting rhythms that Brazilian music affords, as well as some surprises from other cultural traditions. This constantly changing program of some of our favorite compositions is always a crowd-pleaser.


Home and Away Virtual Concert

(Available anytime as a pre-recorded concert with live commentary)

This concert features music inspired by travel, distant places, and the joy of returning home, including music from Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and beyond, as well as music composed for, and arranged by Silver- Rose duo.

Songs, Dances and Legends

(Available for Booking July-November)

 Hans Christian Anderson said,  "Where words fail, music speaks." Cultures throughout history have expressed their creativity through dancing, singing, and storytelling. This enthralling program captures the wonder of each of these arts with exciting dance music from around the globe, narrated stories from a variety of cultures set to music, and beautiful songs without words. A captivating multicultural program that engages audiences of all ages. 

Songs and Stories of the Season

(Available for Booking November-December)

Go deeper this holiday season and join Silver-Rose duo to explore the stories behind the songs you've come to know and love at this time of year. Learn about the masterpiece that came about after a serious illness and loss of hope, the words to some of your favorite songs that you've been mispronouncing your entire life, and one of the most beloved Christmas songs that was banned by the church for a time. Find out which of your favorite melodies were written by an insurance salesman, a lawyer and a stained-glass artist. Discover which song was written as a plea for peace during the Cuban Missile Crisis and which one was able to stop the Franco-Prussian war for a night and was later the first song ever heard on the radio. Beautiful arrangements of timeless holiday classics  interwoven with the fascinating tales behind your favorite holiday favorites.

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