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Kim Fleuchaus, Flute             Julie Goldberg, Guitar

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The Silver-Rose Duo is fantastic! Their programming is thoughtful and well put together, and the instrumentation blends magically! A must-hear experience! 

-Westley Art Hodges, Director of Music Ministries

St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Evanston, IL

Such a beautiful concert.  The sound was great and the music was beautiful. 

- C. Cyngar, Niles-Maine Library

Congratulations on a spectacularly wonderful concert.

- Jose Elizondo, composer

Bravi, Bravi, Bravi! Thank you for this beautiful and moving performance of my work, you captured the spirit perfectly.

-Christopher Teves, composer

Sliver-Rose Duo is performing in person and online concerts.  

Click here for programming options.

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